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History - 1786 to 1986 - We Began By The River

Elim Baptist Church

 By Lalla L. Carter



1986 Schedule of Bicentennial Activities

Debt Retirement Sunday

Note of indebtedness burned

Guest Speaker: Dr. Lloyd Birch, interim pastor

Home Mission Sunday

Speaker: W. C. Dudley, Representative of the Home Mission Board

Telephone Directory Presentation Day

Mr. George Beckroge, Public Relations Manager of Southern Bell presented to Vassy Davidson, Deacon Chairman, the first copy of the 1986 Southern Bell Telephone Directory featuring pictures of Elim Baptist Church on the front cover.

Easter Sunrise Service

Nine local churches participated

Speaker: Robert G. Winburn

Music: Elim Adult Choir

Good News America Revival

Evangelist: Rev. Ron Avant, Emmanuel Church, North August, S.C.

Parent-child Dedication Day

Mothers’ Day

Mrs. Aline Langston honored as the oldest mother present; Ellie Mae Wiggins and Shirley C. Whitehead as the mothers with the most children present; Billie Joe Davidson as mother with the youngest child present. Announcement made of the appointment of Mrs. W. F. Jones, Jr. and Amanda Jones (a Winthrop College Senior) to the General Board of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. They are the first mother and daughter ever to serve on the board simultaneously.

Dedication of Organ

Rogers Organ given by Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Carter in memory of Emmie Lee Hill, Elim's first Church Organist. Recital given by English G. Morris, Jr., Organist of Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Columbia, S.C.

History Sunday

Special features of the day: A brief history of the church by Dan T. Carter, Professor of Southern History, Emory University, Atlanta; Recognition by Dr. Robert Winburn of former pastors and members, and representatives of churches Elim helped to organize; old-fashioned dress, music, food and antique displays.

Reception for Pastor

Dr. Robert G. Winburn, who graduated from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, on May 23, with a Doctor of Ministry Degree, was honored with a reception and love gift after an evening service.

Southern Baptist Convention

Messengers from Elim to the Southern Baptist Convention in Atlanta were Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Winburn, pastor and wife, and Lana F. Jones, WMU director.

Father's Day Special Recognition

Balloon Kick-Off for Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School

Director: Sheryl W. Evans

Church Pictorial Directory Day

First Directory Presented to G. Vassy Davidson, Deacon Chairman, by Sheryl W. Evans.

Dedication in honor of Lalla L. Carter, given by Lana F. Jones, Chairperson of the Directory Committee.

"Old-Fashioned" Picnic

Joint Worship Song Service

Joint Service with Bethany Free will Baptist Church, Timmonsville. Many in Bethany Church are descendents of members of our early church.

State Mission Sunday

Speaker: Dr. George Bullard, Director of the State Mission Department of the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

Old-Time Religion Country Singing Festival

Presented by the Adult Choir, directed by Buck Ham.

GA/Acteen Recognition Service

Theme: "A WMU to Celebrate--A Future to Fulfill"

Guest: Ms. Evelyn Blount, Executive Director, S.C. Woman's Mission union.

Homecoming Day

Guest Speaker: John E. Roberts, Editor of the BAPTIST COURIER. Copies of the church history, WE BEGAN BY THE RIVER, to be available.

Time Capsule Sunday

Speaker: Ray P. Rust, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

Important documents and articles to be enclosed.

Foreign Missions Sunday

Guest: Rev. Ronald Boswell, Foreign Mission Board, Richmond, Virginia.

The Bicentennial Committee:

Pastor, Dr. Robert G. Winburn

Chairman: G. Vassy Davidson

Frances D. Johnson

Wilbur M. Ham, Sr.

Sylvia S. Padgett

Wilbur M. Ham, Jr.

Lalla L. Carter

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